Who is Trade Tech?

Trade tech is today an established supplier of modular and containerized drilling and well service systems. We manufacture according to customer specifications and supplying our own range of products.

Product & Modifications

Trade Tech have the experience from large to small projects,
our experts engage in all types of multidiscipline modifications. We handle all the phases in a project, from surveys and planning on to project management, engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Trade Tech continuous improvement is required in order to compete in this challenging industry. We have implemented LEAN tools to support our drive for improvement and make us a preferred supplier.

Trade Tech Serving rig and ship owners, drilling contractors and oil service companies.


Module Solutions

Trade Tech has capabilities to fabricate and assemble turnkey modules and special container solutions. Our systems are designed, manufactured and certified to all applicable Industry and Norsok standards.

Trade Tech deliver module and skid solutions in ATEX Ex and industry type versions to the industry. Our long-term relationships with customers show a solid track record of deliveries offshore, onshore and maritime installations fabricated and fully documented to customer’s specific requirements.

After Market Services

Trade Tech has a comprehensive Aftermarket and service program.

Trade Tech has broad experience from planning and execution of maintenance campaigns on equipment and systems. We are equally experienced covering diversified small to large-scale projects. Campaign services can be performed either as capacity services under client’s management or as an independent service according to the enterprise model which includes management, work preparation, co-ordination, execution, completion and reporting.