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Trade Tech’s Service Partner Services provision is set up to provide the servicing of temporary and other equipment and products both prior to and after they are installed and operational in the field.

We believe these are key services to our customers, and they help to establish Trade Tech in line with our Number One vision and as a one-stop-shop for our customers in the energy and oil and gas sectors.

The most important objectives of our service provision are to enhance safety, minimise environmental footprint and reduce the risk of system shutdowns, thus maximising uptime on rigs, vessels and installations.

Our staff are skilled, flexible, solution-oriented and customer-focused, and stand ready to be called out to assignments both offshore and onshore at short notice. This is a key success factor in terms of our service provision and meeting our objectives.

NORSOK Z-015 inspections of temporary equipment

Trade Tech performs inspections of temporary equipment units in compliance with the NORSOK Z-015 standard. This includes both inhouse-manufactured and other manufacturers’ equipment. Inspections include equipment verifications according to applicable checklists, as well as all relevant documentation.

Annual inspections of temporary equipment

Trade Tech performs annual inspections of both on its own, inhouse-manufactured, as well as other manufacturers’, temporary equipment units. Inspections involve a thorough review of all components using predefined checklists. Our technicians verify that the condition status of relevant components is acceptable and, if not, will offer recommendations for remedial action. Verifications are documented using applicable checklists.

System and product servicing, maintenance and repair

Trade Tech offers the servicing, maintenance and repair of both temporary equipment units and other systems and products. The scope of such work is normally set out either in a list of tasks provided by the customer, or defined following a thorough condition status inspection of the equipment performed by Trade Tech. Such an inspection will be based on the verification of parameters agreed with the customer, and may include compliance checks with regulations, standards and/or client specifications.

Unit hotel

In combination with one or more of the services described above, Trade Tech also offers customers the opportunity to store equipment units on our premises between operations. This ‘unit hotel’ service may include reception administration, storage, preservation, preparation for new assignments and logistics/transport to and from a marine base.

Trade Tech services

Trade Tech’s Services extend beyond traditional aftermarket/aftersales offerings, staffed with skilled, flexible, solutions oriented and customer focused people. What can we do for you?

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