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Operational Support Services

Trade Tech’s Operational Support Services provision is set up to provide services during the installation, testing, start-up and operation of systems and equipment both on customer premises and in the field.

We believe that these services are important to our customers and that they help to establish Trade Tech in line with our Number One vision and as a one-stop-shop for our customers in the energy and oil and gas sectors.

The most important objectives of our service provision are to enhance safety, minimise environmental footprint and reduce the risk of system shutdowns, thus maximising uptime on rigs, vessels and installations.

Our staff are skilled, flexible, solution-oriented and customer-focused, and can be contacted by telephone and called out to assignments both offshore and onshore at short notice. This is a key success factor in terms of our service provision and meeting our objectives.

Spare parts

All Trade Tech project deliveries include spare parts lists which constitute the main source of information regarding our spare parts deliveries to customers. If a spare parts list is not readily available, reference to a panel or drawing number will often will be sufficient to identify the correct component(s), and for us to respond effectively to a customer enquiry.

Installation, commissioning, start-up and operational support

Trade Tech Services provides support linked to the preparation and supervision of, and participation in, the installation, commissioning, start-up and operation of equipment and systems, both onshore and offshore. Support is provided by professional expert personnel and is offered primarily in connection with equipment and systems delivered by Trade Tech, although we also offer consultation on a broader scale.

Parts sourcing

As part of our one-stop-shop philosophy, we offer assistance our customers in searching for all kinds of relevant components, as well as implement subsequent delivery.

Digital documentation library

All relevant technical documentation related to Trade Tech project deliveries is archived in our documentation database. All documents are revision controlled by means of digital workflows and customers can obtain access to the latest revision by logging on as web users. This service is primarily linked to documentation for Trade Tech deliveries, but may be also extended to include third-party equipment.

Technical support

Trade Tech Services provides technical support and problem solving, both by telephone and on-site (including offshore), by professional expert personnel during the testing, start-up preparations, start-up and operation of systems and equipment.

Our services

Trade Tech’s Services extend beyond traditional aftermarket/aftersales offerings, staffed with skilled, flexible, solutions oriented and customer focused people. What can we do for you?

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