Cooling water system upgrade (solution)

Considerable reduction in environmental footprint and operational cost.


Cooling water system with continuous power consumption powered from diesel generators. The system had direct start on the electrical pump motors and were running 24/7 with no power optimalizations and was controlled and monitored from the rig topside system.

Customer expectations

Minimize the environmental footprint, considerably reduce operational cost, minimize changes required to the topside system and start-up time on the rig.

Trade Tech delivery

Together with the customer the system was evaluated with the aim to minimize power consumption without involving a major upgrade on the topside system.

Engineering documentation and a functional description were prepared and submitted to the customer for approval before commencing detail design, purchasing and workshop activities, and software programming. The control system was designed so there was no need for any changes to the rig topside system.

As the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was arranged by use of digital communication tools to visualize documentation, HMI screen and the physical valve actuation to the customers representants at their offices. The test was extended with simulation of the rig topside system signal interface to assure compatibility with the existing system.

The system was delivered as a plug and play package with control panels, field sensors and actuators ready for installation. The offshore installation, commissioning and system start-up were successfully executed within a few days.


Reduced fuel consumption on generators estimated to a yearly saving of 220 Ton diesel, 700 Ton CO2 and 10 Ton Nox, all adding up to a considerable reduction in operational costs.

Reduced maintenance cost due to considerably reduced running time and more efficient use of the equipment.

Reduced commissioning and start up time due to the simulation set up in Trade Tech workshop.

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