Cooling water system upgrade

Cooling water systems commonly involve running the pumps continuously at a fixed speed. This consumes excessive amounts of energy that can be saved by upgrading the system to control the pump speed based on the temperature of the cooling media.

In order to minimise energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs and extend the lifetime of cooling water system components, Trade Tech offers upgrades to existing systems, including those where seawater is lifted from below the sea surface to the rig/platform deck, and for smaller-scale freshwater systems.

Upgrades are based on regulating the pump speed based on the temperature of the cooling media. If the existing solution is controlled using a topside system, implementation of the upgrade will aim to avoid, or minimise, any modifications to the topside system.

In order to minimise installation and start-up times offshore, we will offer to conduct an extended FAT, including a simulation of the topside system signal interface. This will ensure compatibility with the existing system prior to installation offshore.


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