Drilling module skidding monitoring system (solution)

A manual hydraulic drilling module skidding system without any kind of position monitoring.


A major incident occurred, that luckily did not but could got a tragical outcome due to misalignment during a skidding operation.

The drilling operation was not allowed to re-start before the skidding system was safe to operate.

Customer’s goal

Safe re-start of the drilling operation within 8 weeks.

Trade Tech delivery

Designed, built and programmed a PLC based skid monitoring system for hazardous area operation easy to install on the existing skid arrangement.

The system was delivered ATEX zone 1 certified from our workshop as a plug and play solution including a PLC enclosure, monitoring panel, all required sensors, brackets, adapters, cables and installation material. The successful on-site installation, commissioning and start-up concluded our delivery. 


During the summer months mid-June – mid-August the system, that exceeded customers’ expectations, was delivered and the skidding operation was executed safely in time to resume drilling operations according to plan.

The operator had excellent overview of the skidding operation by reading the actual position change for the whole skidding module on both sides as well as on each individual skidding cylinder stroke within millimetre accuracy. This made it easy to assure equal and accurate movement on each side and safe operation was achieved.

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