Project Management

Trade Tech has a Project Management department that can manage the project for the customer throughout the process from planning to completed work to meet or exceed client expectations, requirements and industry standards.

Rig & Vessel

Trade Tech handle all phases in a project, from surveys and planning to project management, engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning – always working in close partnership with our customers.

Workshop Management

Trade Tech has an electrical and mechanical workshop under the same roof. This gives us a complete overview of the project throughout the process.
Trade Tech has the opportunity test and certify the entire package at our facility. This gives the customer a great advantage with just one link.


Trade Tech has a comprehensive Aftermarket and service program.

Trade Tech has broad experience from planning and execution of maintenance campaigns on equipment and systems. We are equally experienced covering diversified small to large-scale projects. Campaign services can be performed either as capacity services under client’s management or as an independent service according to the enterprise model which includes management, work preparation, co-ordination, execution, completion and reporting.